Land Mobile Satcom Systems

EXPLORER offers the market leading range of portable and vehicular BGAN and VSAT terminals for professionals working in harsh or remote environments all over the world.

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From providing connectivity and phone calls to volunteers and victims after natural disasters, to predicting extreme weather, reporting breaking news and supporting business and industry operating in remote areas, EXPLORER BGAN and VSAT terminals are tools to get the job done.


With the EXPLORER family of Portable Satcom Systems and Vehicle Satcom Terminals you can talk, email, transfer data, take part in videoconferences, use industry specific IP applications, even set-up multi-user communication networks. Set-up is simple, so you can be online and working within a few minutes of arriving at your destination. You aren't tied to terrestrial or GSM infrastructure so communicating from remote regions in Africa, the jungles of South America or the glaciers of The Arctic is almost as easy as using a smartphone in the city. 


The Cobham SATCOM EXPLORER range of Vehicle Satcom Terminals covers vehicular BGAN, Fly and Drive VSAT and Drive-Away VSAT systems, serving a diverse range of users. High-end BGAN and VSAT systems keep the vehicles of military, law enforcement, media and humanitarian organisations connected when on-the-move and when they arrive on site.




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