When time is of the essence, EXPLORER drive-away terminals provide precision Ku-band connectivity from virtually any vehicle or trailer.

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For reliable, immediate connectivity in the tough conditions experienced in outside broadcasting, homeland security, law enforcement and emergency response, Cobham SATCOM's Drive-Away VSAT terminals are built for the challenge.


Rugged, low-profile, motorised antennas are swiftly mounted onto virtually any vehicle, so you are ready to connect the moment you arrive on scene.


Industry leading features including zero-backlash Az/El cable drive and precision polarisation drive provide reliable, hassle-free operation with minimal regular maintenance, whilst one-touch control means easy satellite acquisition, even using your own PC, tablet or smartphone - no need for a separate display.


If your requirement is communication from the field, EXPLORER Drive-Away VSAT antennas ensure you are ready to communicate quickly when you get there.


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