Auto-deploy, fly-away 1.0m Ku-band VSAT system providing high performance operation and flexibility. EXPLORER 5100 features a modular case-based pedestal for simple, convenient set-up.

EXPLORER 5100Field communication

EXPLORER 5100 provides crucial connectivity for a diverse user base including Defence, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Media, Telemedicine, Insurance, Remote Office, Energy and Mining.


Regardless of the application, EXPLORER 5100 offers continuity of operations, with remote videoconferencing and Internet cloud services including voice, radio, data, fax and live streaming/broadcast.


Convenient modular design

EXPLORER 5100 is deployed in minutes, so you can be online and working quickly, when time is critical. The modular system fastens simply, yet securely, while the case converts into a convenient antenna pedestal.


Major components like the reflector, boom arm and feed assembly snap together without tools while the pedestal is swiftly assembled by simply removing the cover and attaching the outriggers.


Fly or drive

EXPLORER 5100 is ideal for users who need the convenience - and welcome the flexibility - of a drive-away and a fly-away terminal within the same mechanical package.


The versatile system includes an optional Fly & Drive upgrade kit, which can be installed as required in the field, giving users the choice of application and ultimate portability.


Zero-backlash cable drive

The EXPLORER 5100 VSAT can offer the peace of mind that comes with life-long performance while eliminating the need for timely and expensive maintenance.


EXPLORER 5100's mechanical drive systems feature an industry-leading, zero-backlash Az/El cable and precision polarisation drives, which together deliver reliable performance with minimal maintenance.


Precision auto-deploy

EXPLORER 5100 provides the convenience of one-touch auto-deploy, making it reliable, simple to use and easy to configure even for personnel with minimal satellite experience.


The antenna controller features a built-in RF Tuner, Compass, GPS and optional GLONASS and inclined orbit satellite tracking capability, for convenient, one-touch control wherever you are.


Web interface

You can easily configure and remotely monitor EXPLORER 5100's satellite auto-acquisition via the user-friendly, graphical user interface (GUI) on a standard web browser - no need for a separate display.


Straightforward monitoring with EXPLORER 5100's TracLRI Live Remote Interface means you can check satellite performance easily - by PC, tablet or smartphone - ensuring your ability to stay connected.


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