Delivering a lightweight, yet rugged 2-axis solution for versatile multi-band VSAT operations. Choose EXPLORER 3075 for lower cost, high performance connectivity.


Field communication

EXPLORER 3075 provides crucial connectivity for a diverse user base including Defence, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Media, Telemedicine, Insurance, Remote office, Energy and Mining.

Regardless of the application, EXPLORER 3075 offers continuity of operations with remote videoconferencing and Internet cloud services including voice, radio, data, fax and live streaming/broadcast.

Rugged yet lightweight

Weighing only 10.4kg (<23lbs) and built from a firm carbon fibre composite, EXPLORER 3075 gives high performance, yet is highly portable in its airline checkable hard case.

EXPLORER 3075's reflector and tripod materials are a precise blend of lightweight design with strength and durability. Its manual VSAT pointing ensures excellent performance while keeping costs low.

Versatile system

EXPLORER 3075 is Eutelsat type-approved for KA-SAT services, enabling reliable and informative newsgathering in the field, where consistent communication is critical. By simply switching the feed assembly and modem, EXPLORER 3075 can be transformed into an Inmarsat GX terminal. The tripod, the manual panning head and the reflector panels are shared components.


EXPLORER 3075 is developed completely in-house by Cobham SATCOM. It features genuine EXPLORER design, which is already established and proven with Cobham SATCOM's highly regarded EXPLORER BGAN and VSAT terminals. Its unique design and system versatility ensures high-quality connectivity, which means you can count on EXPLORER 3075 to provide you with vital communication whatever the conditions.



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