EXPLORER 122 is the first EXPLORER terminal developed to operate over the SkyTerra 1 satellite utilizing ViaSat's low-latency, IP-based L-band Mobile Satellite Services network

The lightweight one-piece terminal with an integrated transceiver and antenna has no moving parts and a high IP-66 rating, making it robust and durable for use in any application.

The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway automatically routes voice and data traffic via the most reliable network available with no user intervention required. By automatically switching between satellite, cellular, and LAN, the system ensures that the user is always connected to the most suitable network.

EXPLORER 122 Mobile Gateway Bundle consists of a compact Comms-On-The-Move terminal and a routing Gateway offering reliable real-time IP data and voice connectivity, including Push-To-Talk and GPS tracking.

Whether you are engaged in emergency response, humanitarian operations or fleet management, EXPLORER 122 Mobile Gateway Bundle is an easy deployable communication system you can always rely on. Simply place the antenna on the roof of your vehicle and get access to the internet and phone networks instantly.




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