Choose the EXPLORER 323 Mobile Gateway bundle if you are looking for a user-friendly communications solution that can turn existing Radio (LMR/DMR), Cellular (3G/LTE) and Satellite into one IP based network.


A hybrid LMR/LTE solution with satellite failover

The combination of the EXPLORER 323 satellite terminal and the EXPLORER Mobile Gateway with an optional LTE hub provides a failsafe and resilient voice and data connectivity solution from even the most remote locations.

One unified communications system

The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway bundle integrates all in-vehicle communication systems, devices and equipment. From LMR and DMR to cellular LTE and satellite creating one unified communications solution.

The system is compatible with all existing radio networks (LMR, DMR, P25, Tetra, MPT1327) and the LMR integration in the EXPLORER Mobile Gateway converts existing radios into a future-proof Radio over IP solution.

Seamless and automatic switching with PRISM PTT+

The entire PRISM PTT+ solution is designed to provide seamless switching between available networks in any situation. It extends legacy Push-To-Talk capabilities to hybrid data networks such as terrestrial cellular networks (where available), and satellite networks where no or limited terrestrial network coverage. The PRISM PTT+ solution automatically routes voice and data traffic via the most reliable network available. It is completely seamless and automatic without impacting the voice quality or user experience.

Know the cost of communication

Mobile carriers around the world offers monthly flat rate airtime plans. With the new Inmarsat flat rate plans for PTT voice the overall monthly airtime consumption over satellite is fixed and protects the users from unpredictable “satellite bill shocks”.


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