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Cobham’s EXPLORER Product Line to Now Include VSATs

The market leading EXPLORER BGAN portfolio is expanding with the addition of four new series of VSAT terminals, all bearing the famous EXPLORER name.

ORLANDO, Florida - The market leading EXPLORER BGAN portfolio is expanding with the addition of four new series of VSAT terminals, all bearing the famous EXPLORER name. To make this possible, Cobham SATCOM is migrating its established TracStar portfolio of VSAT terminals to become EXPLORER products, creating the most comprehensive range of land- mobile satellite communication products in the market, covering both BGAN and VSAT. The expanded EXPLORER portfolio now includes:


  1. EXPLORER 300, 500 & 700 Series: Ultra-portable and easy-deployable Inmarsat BGAN terminals (L-Band)
  2. NEW - EXPLORER 3000 Series: Manual Deploy Fly-Away VSAT Antennas
  3. NEW - EXPLORER 5000 Series: Auto-Acquire Fly-Away VSAT Antennas
  4. NEW - EXPLORER 7000 Series: Auto-Acquire Drive-Away VSAT Antennas - Communication-on-the-Pause (COTP) for vehicles
  5. EXPLORER 325 & 727: Satcom-on-the-Move (SOTM) BGAN terminals for vehicles
  6. NEW - EXPLORER 9000 Series: Satcom-on-the-Move (SOTM) VSAT Antennas for vehicles


The Cobham SATCOM land portfolio now features a diverse array of turn-key satellite terminals, ensuring that it can fulfil critical communications needs and offer true choice and flexibility for end-users. Regardless of location, when traditional communication infrastructure is unavailable, EXPLORER products keep users connected with reliable voice and data links. EXPLORER enables high quality IP-based services such as voice communication, radio, data, fax, and live video transmission that work efficiently across the BGAN network and now, on VSAT satellite links.


Customers of Cobham SATCOM's TracStar land-mobile product lines will experience no major changes in service as the TracStar products become EXPLORER. The same sales, engineering, and support staff remains focused on servicing products in the field and developing world-class mobile VSAT solutions under the EXPLORER name. These efforts are strengthened by the structure of Cobham SATCOM, which benefits from the expertise of the teams behind both EXPLORER and TracStar.


Walther Thygesen, Head of Cobham SATCOM, said: "EXPLORER and TracStar are highly complementary so it was a natural step to integrate the two product lines to create a single land-mobile terminal portfolio under Cobham SATCOM. End-users can now experience the innovation and quality that have established EXPLORER and TracStar as market-leaders from a single product line, making it easier to choose from a much wider range of systems. By combining the talent, expertise and experience in our organisation, we are securing a great future for Cobham SATCOM."


Reflecting  its  commitment  to  establishing  EXPLORER  as  the  leading  VSAT  terminal portfolio,  Cobham  SATCOM  Land  has  also  become  an  official  launch  partner  of  the Inmarsat Global Xpress® (GX) Ka-band network. Several forthcoming EXPLORER products will be configured specifically for operation on both the GX commercial (1GHz) and wideband (2GHz) networks upon service introduction in 2014.


The expanded EXPLORER portfolio will be a highlight on the Cobham SATCOM booth (4016) at the Satellite 2013 exhibition in Washington D.C.


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