State of the art GNSS & DGNSS Receivers for reception of vital satellite data, accurate positioning and full redundancy.

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Our Global Navigation Satellite System receivers are provided with dual receivers for reception of satellite data from both GPS and GLONASS. This ensures full back up in the case of either of the systems being unreliable or jammed. By receiving satellite data from a large amount of navigation satellites in sight, the accuracy is highly increased.

From the use of either manual or automatic selection of differential correction signals from shore based reference stations or by reception of differential corrections signals via Satellite Based Augmentation System from the geostationary satellites, the SAILOR DGNSS provides stable data for position, speed and time for vessels in narrow waters as well as in vast areas.

The network functionality offered in SAILOR GNSS/DGNSS, SAILOR NAVTEX and SAILOR AIS as well as the multi-function and multi operation control panel solution, provides flexible solutions to all types of vessels.

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