Our Maritime Emergency Beacons transmit satellite distress calls with Cospas-Sarsat international search and rescue system and GMDSS for vessel and personal safety on the water.

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For meeting regulations and enhancing vessel safety, SAILOR Maritime Emergency Beacons ensure your distress calls are noticed. With a choice between standard SART and the new AIS-SART (Automatic Identification System - Search and Rescue Transmitter), and standard SE-II or SGE-II (enhanced with built-in GPS and SAR services) EPIRBs you can be confident in your rescuers acting and finding you fast.


SAILOR EPIRBs are suitable for GMDSS and non-GMDSS use and are the 'standard' equipment for alerting the authorities in the event of an incident or abandonment at sea. The new AIS-SART offers increased detection range - with surface vessels receiving your location and bearing on radar at around five miles and aircraft at a distance of over 30 miles.

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