Sea Tel USAT24 VSAT Antenna is a 60 cm Ultra Small Aperture Terminal offering Broadband for yachts and boats on SCPC or TDMA networks.

Sea Tel USAT 24Benefit from bandwidth

Sea Tel USAT24 VSAT is the first 60 cm marine antenna to meet the FCC's and ETSI's specification allowing multi mode use with Spread Spectrum. Designed specifically for recreational vessels, it enables boat owners to benefit from the higher bandwidth and fixed monthly fees available through VSAT services.


Services are offered on a number of platforms such as: Hughes, Viasat and iDirect with optimal satellite coverage areas provided by the leading satellite operators, ensuring that wherever you sail, you can take advantage of reliable connectivity for relaxation, business and of course safety.


Business or pleasure

With Sea Tel USAT24 VSAT you can access connectivity services that aren't charged per MB, so you get more freedom to communicate with colleagues, friends and family when spending time on your boat.


Sea Tel USAT24 VSAT enables more than enough throughput for sending emails, browsing the web, accessing social media, data transfer, even logging on to your office network by VPN. It is built to work in rough conditions so whether you're online for business or pleasure, you can be confident of a stable connection. 


No compromises

Sea Tel USAT24 VSAT builds on the success of the commercial grade Sea Tel 2406 VSAT and is suitable for a wide range of recreational uses, especially aboard Inter-Coastal vessels where it complements the Sea Tel ST24 (60 cm) Satellite TV receive only antenna.


It is one of the smallest and lightest Ku-band antenna's for marine broadband applications available today, which while offered at a low price, still provides the uncompromised Sea Tel performance and quality that keeps thousands of ships, oil rigs and offshore vessels connected throughout the world.


Easy installation and maintenance

The compact form factor of Sea Tel USAT24 VSAT makes it suitable for any vessel where deck space is at a premium. If you need an antenna that can provide reliability and availability of service, but with a smaller footprint on board, then Seatel USAT 24 is for you.


The system can be installed in hours, thanks to built in GPS and the advanced 19" rack mount DAC 2202 Antenna Control Unit, which offers the same ports and connections as our larger antennas. Sea Tel USAT24 VSAT is also easy to maintain and can be accessed remotely from anywhere and anytime.


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