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From C to Ku-band in Seconds, Cobham SATCOM Unveils Next Generation VSAT Antenna System at Oilcomm 2014

Innovation packed Sea Tel 9711 IMA System provides VSAT service flexibility for offshore vessels and platforms

Sea-Tel-9711-IMAHouston, Texas - To be shown for the first time at Oilcomm 2014, the new Sea Tel 9711 IMA (Integrated Maritime Antenna) System from Cobham SATCOM introduces new features designed to support satellite service providers to deliver reliable connectivity whilst providing cost-saving flexibility for end-users in the oil & gas sector.


The new Sea Tel 9711 IMA can operate on C-Band Circular or Linear or Ku-band X-pol or Co-pol. Unique to Sea Tel VSAT antennas, switching between VSAT bands is fully automatic and takes just a few seconds, due to sophisticated software and a precision mechanical system on the antenna itself. This means there is virtually no offline time for a vessel or platform's connectivity when switching between VSAT bands and by eliminating the need to manually change feeds and re-balance the antenna, the cost of deploying a technician for the job can be saved.


"Developed at Cobham SATCOM's Concord, California centre of excellence for large and bespoke antenna systems, the Sea Tel 9711 IMA is an innovative system ideal for the high-end networks used on advanced offshore vessels and platforms, where significant requirements for bandwidth and reliable communication have to be met. It is a reliable, flexible solution that forms the platform for intelligent operations within the realms of today's digital oilfield," says Jens Ewerling, Director, Maritime VSAT, Cobham SATCOM.


The Sea Tel 9711 IMA features a 2.4 meter radical offset antenna for both C-band and Ku-band operation. This offset design makes it the most efficient 2.4 meter antenna in the market today. The system utilizes the established Sea Tel IMA architecture, which features an Integrated Control Unit (ICU) as a single box electronic control solution to maintain the best and most efficient pointing accuracy.


With its extended web based secured user interface and built-in remote management capabilities, IMA offers easy integration into network management systems through its built-in Media Xchange Point (MXP). The Sea Tel 9711 IMA System is accessible from practically any internet enabled device, including mobile devices and features Secured Socket Layer (SSL) password protection and multi-level data analysis capability for ease of use and added security.


"Providing high performance and reliability on both C and Ku-band, the system ensures connectivity is always available regardless of environmental conditions or location. When high precipitation or moving a vessel or rig to a new location means changing bands, you no longer have to wait for your connectivity services to be manually re-activated, or pay for a technician to come and do it for you. It's business as usual from the moment you arrive," adds Darren Manning, Senior Product Manager, Maritime Products, Cobham SATCOM.


Find out more about the innovative new Sea Tel 9711 IMA system at Oilcomm 2014 on Cobham SATCOM's booth - #101.


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