Sophisticated Land Earth Stations, providing the interface for all types of Inmarsat services.

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Down to earth

Cobham SATCOM designs, develops and delivers sophisticated Land Earth Stations, providing the interface for all types of Inmarsat services, including communication to aircraft (commercial and private), shipping traffic and land mobile applications. We have been conducting large-scale turnkey satellite infrastructure projects since 1990 and have supplied almost all of the existing Inmarsat Land Earth Stations, the majority of which are still operational. Our Land Earth Stations transmit data to and receive data from satellites, and provide the interface between the satellite system and the terrestrial public switched telephone networks, cellular networks and data transmission networks, including the Internet.


The backbone of BGAN

The BGAN RAN is the most recently developed system of Land Earth Stations that our expert team of satellite infrastructure and technology specialists has implemented. The network of state-of-the-art Land Earth Stations is used in connection with the Inmarsat-4 satellite system and enables the fast, reliable operation of Inmarsat's flagship BGAN services.


Turn-key projects

Thrane & Thrane Land Earth Station products are developed and sold primarily on a contractual basis and as turn-key projects. Services and products provided by Cobham SATCOM include:

  1. Complete Land Earth Stations including interface to terrestrial networks
  2. Large disc antennas
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