The TT-6000 Inmarsat-C LES Access Control and Signalling Equipment (ACSE) provides a sea to land connection for Inmarsat-C services.

The gateway for Inmarsat-C

Inmarsat-C is a vital maritime distress and tracking service that has become a mainstay of maritime safety and security as part of the Global Maritime Distress Safety System. The TT-6000 Inmarsat-C Land Earth Station (LES) Access Control and Signaling Equipment (ACSE) provides a gateway between the global Inmarsat-C network and terrestrial networks.


Flexible interfaces

The equipment interfaces to RF equipment at 70 MHz or optionally other frequencies via an IF subsystem. It can also operate standalone or as part of an integrated system and can reroute to other LES. The TT-6000 Inmarsat-C LES ACSE is built with the same flexibility that Thrane & Thrane ensures in all of its products, with easy installation and configuration a key design aspect.


Turnkey solutions

This sophisticated Inmarsat-C LES comprises an IF subsystem, channel unit subsystem and a computer subsystem for managing system configuration and billing data etc. Everything needed to create a link between the terrestrial network and Inmarsat C is here. The system is also compatible with LRIT and provides support for global coverage.

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