TT-6300 Inmarsat Aero LES Access Control and Signalling Equipment enable the link between land and air.


The TT-6300 Inmarsat Aero Land Earth Station (LES) Access Control and Signaling Equipment (ACSE) functions as a gateway between private and public terrestrial networks and the Inmarsat satellite network. It provides public passenger communication services and safety/distress cockpit communication services over the Inmarsat satellite network.


Legacy services

The Aero ACSE comprises modem channel units, common channel equipment, traffic handling computers, operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) computer.

Supported Inmarsat Classic Aero services:

  1. Aero-H/H+
  2. Aero-I
  3. Aero-L
  4. Data 2 (ACARS)
  5. Data 3 (OSI)
  6. Voice C2100/C8400
  7. Fax C21000/C8400
  8. PC Data C21000/C8400
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