TT-6400 Inmarsat M/B/mM/GAN/Fleet LES Access Control and Signalling Equipment connect Inmarsat’s established and legacy services to terrestrial networks.

Flexible solution

The TT-6400 Inmarsat M/B/mM/Fleet/GAN LES Access Control and Signaling Equipment (ACSE) functions as a gateway between private and public terrestrial networks and the Inmarsat satellite network.


It's a flexible solution designed to support the Inmarsat M, B, Mini-M, GAN, Fleet and Swift64 mobile services, and covers services on land, at sea and in the air.


Legacy services

The TT-6400 Inmarsat M/B/mM/Fleet/GAN LES ACSE comprises channel unit modems, common channel equipment, traffic handling computers, operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) computer and mobility management computer.


As part of Cobham's ongoing position as a close infrastructure partner to Inmarsat, we have developed a flexible, fully integrated solution to create a link between the terrestrial network and various legacy Inmarsat services.

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