TT-6600 Inmarsat-C Networking Coordinating Station provides the tools to manage Inmarsat-C traffic.

Inmarsat-C traffic management

Inmarsat-C is a vital maritime distress and tracking service that has become a mainstay of maritime safety and security as part of the Global Maritime Distress Safety System.


With four fully redundant network co-ordination stations installed in Singapore (Sentosa), Japan (Yamaguchi), Italy (Fucino) and Norway (Eik), the TT-6600 Network Co--ordinating station manages global Inmarsat-C traffic.


There are two remote operation stations installed at Inmarsat headquarters in London, allowing Inmarsat to remotely monitor and control the equipment.


The TT-6600 Network Co-ordinating station was developed as part of Thrane & Thrane's close work with Inmarsat in the development and implementation of the ground infrastructure for the majority of its vital services, Inmarsat-C included.

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