Whether watching the big match, the news or a movie, our global TV-at-Sea™ solutions are built to provide perfect reception regardless of location or conditions.

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Team spirit and morale is vital at sea in order to get the best from your crew. With TV-at-Sea™ from Sea Tel and SAILOR, it is easy to enhance life on board and do your part for crew welfare. Once you have decided to install satellite TV, you need a system that is up to the job; Our TV-at-Sea™ systems are made to be the toughest, highest quality available, because we know that a vessel's television has to keep on working even in the toughest conditions.


SAILOR and Sea Tel TV-at-Sea™ make it simple and cost-effective to provide a basic welfare service.


You can choose regional systems or true global reception without the need to manually reconfigure the system when moving between satellites, which means when your operations move, you don't need to spend time configuring your satellite television systems. Other technical features that set our TV-at-Sea™ solutions apart include accommodation for any number of satellite receivers, which means multiple televisions on board can show different channels.

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