Maritime Technical Service Partner


Your Partner, Reseller or dealer will usually coordinate services - warranty as well as ordinary services - with a Technical Service Partner if he is not able to do the service/repair himself.


Technical Service Partners at CSC or Basic level on the specific product ranges are committed to employ factory trained technicians and store spare parts for the relevant products in their portfolio.

In order to align expectations, the service levels are described as follows:

  • CSC (Certified Service Centre) – stocks spares, employs staff and maintains experience to achieve a 95% first-time-fix rate with as little as 24 hours notice
  • BASIC (Technical Service Partner basic level) – operation and procedures in place to achieve an 80% first-time-fix rate. May require up to 4 working days’ notice

In addition a number of renowned companies with global or larger region coverage have entered into strategic service agreements with Cobham SATCOM and services the products under their respective recognized service programs, listed as Private Label or Local Branch in the Cobham SATCOM Get Service list. Their service programs, policies and commitment can be read via the link to their respective sites in the Get Service list.

All the listed service companies meet your key service needs:

  1. Product training
  2. Service and support
  3. Installation and commissioning
  4. Regulatory advisory
  5. Service contracts
  6. Spare parts and accessories
  7. Exchange of modules
  8. Simple on-the-spot and day-to-day repairs
  9. Factory trained staff


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