TT-6800 MPDS Satellite Base Station enables the Inmarsat Mobile Packet Data Service.

Enabling Inmarsat MPDS

The TT-6800 MPDS Satellite Base Station (SBS) is part of the network infrastructure required for the Inmarsat Mobile Packet Data Service, which provides data rates up to 64 Kbit/s. The SBS serves as gateway between the Inmarsat space segment, and via Internet or leased lines, the MPDS Home Land Earth Stations (HLES), which are points of access for terrestrial users.


Everything integrated

The Inmarsat SBS comprises an IF subsystem, channel units supporting up to 64kbit/s and a computer subsystem managing system configuration etc. The Inmarsat system consists of four fully redundant satellite base stations installed in Singapore (Sentosa), Italy (Fucino), Norway (Eik) and Japan (Yamaguchi).


Close relations

Furthermore two remote operation stations are installed at Inmarsat headquarters in London, allowing Inmarsat to remotely monitor and control the equipment. Thrane & Thrane has worked closely with Inmarsat in the development and implementation of its ground infrastructure for the majority of its vital services, MPDS included.

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